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Spokane Helicopter HVAC Lift
Spokane Helicopter Lift in City
Spokane Helicopter HVAC Transport

Common Misconceptions

Helicopters generally cost more per hour and complete more lifts per hour. The increased productivity often more than offsets the more concentrated cost per hour.

Because helicopters are time-efficient, easy, and safe, they can be used in a variety of circumstances. For single unit lifts, helicopters are more viable when the drop point is difficult to reach. Each additional unit increases the applicability of helicopters.

Although not always, helicopters with lower weight capacities also have lower prices. To gain significant savings, we work with clients to remove components of the load to temporarily reduce the weight below the capacity of a more cost-efficient helicopter.

Each project has different requirements. Using one type of helicopter doesn’t give the breadth of expertise to have appropriate expectations, especially when it comes to cost.

Helicopters: Safer, More Cost-Effective, & Easier Than Ground-Cranes

Helicopter external load operations have become a standard practice for lifting HVAC units, and Washington is no exception. With an average of 15 picks per hour, heating and air contractors in the Spokane area have realized that they can sell more units, win more projects, and increase profitability (by decreasing lift costs). Simultaneously, helicopter lifts provide an easier, safer, less manpower intensive solution to HVAC unit placement.

We ensure any flight plans are filed and conduct a safety briefing on site. Since rigging HVAC units is the same with a helicopter or a crane, you can elect to provide your own certified rigging crew without additionally required training.

Where cranes would have taken days or weeks, GeoHeli has completed the same projects in a few hours. Helicopters are transitory, because they travel to where the work is. Because helicopters must be part 133 certified by the FAA for external load operations and each helicopter has different limits, we adjudicate the available options to determine the right in-state or out-of-state helicopter and pilot for each project.

Our team has years of experience in HVAC helicopter lift logistics, making easy work of every Spokane area project. Call GeoHeli at 855-712-3156, and you will be assigned a dedicated external load logistics specialist for all your needs.



Construction Lifts



10-15+ HVAC lifts per hour

How It Works

An on-site inspection may be required prior to scheduling. On the date of the project, the helicopter arrives on site with a long line. GeoHeli will arrange 4-point rigging with a spreader frame, shackles, nylon straps, and swivel hook. Our team can also advise in the unit selection and partial breakdown process, as lower maximum pick weights generally equate to lower costs. In coordination with your team, our pilot performs a precise installation drop-off.

On average, we lift approximately 15+ units per hour. This rate rises or falls from pre-rigging, pick to drop distance, and other situational factors. With perfect conditions, we have completed as many as 30 lifts in an hour.