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Disaster Rescue & Response

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Spokane Helicopter Emergency Service

Disaster Response & Emergency Helicopter Charters

We offer fast, easy scheduling with your dedicated helicopter charter expert handling the FAA flight plans and arranging any special requirements necessary to assist response or recovery needs in Washington. Natural disasters can strike anytime, creating unique situations that demand immediate response, planning, and execution.

Government, Commercial & Personal Property Recovery Surveys

Aerial surveillance equipment & services allow for a detailed inspection of natural disaster affected areas, in order to accurately assess the necessary recovery efforts. Clients seek our services to review the status of manufacturing, utility, and personal properties.

Washington Aerial Firefighting

Helicopter-based firefighting is extremely effective when combined and coordinated with traditional firefighting teams. This work requires pilots with expertise in ground & snorkel tank filling operations, bucket fill operations, aerial firefighting strategies & tactics, and logistical coordination. GeoHeli has pilots ready for firefighting contracts or urgent response.