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Benefits of Choosing GeoHeli in Washington

Last-Minute Scheduling

We’ve satisfied numerous clients who called us with a short-notice deadline. Because our logistics experts have a pilot’s relevant knowledge, we are more responsive than the competition.

The Only Unbiased Helicopter Contractor

We select the ideal pilot, aircraft, and equipment for your helicopter charter, lift, spray, or service request. Rather than own a limited, biased helicopter fleet, we vet and contract helicopter operators to ensure we have access to virtually every helicopter solution.

Handling Your Project From Start to Finish

The second you choose GeoHeli we take care of all the logistics. We have transported and installed machinery in the harshest conditions, and under tight deadlines. GeoHeli has experience in a wide range of construction projects. If you're looking at either of our two most popular services, you can read about it more in-depth by clicking these links.

Our team has accumulated countless years of experience in aerial transport and commercial/industrial services. GeoHeli has been heavily involved in the transportation and construction of signage, HVAC, scaffolding, concrete, towers, poles, tranmission lines, truss/support beams, along with many other construction projects. We are also able to aid in aircraft recovery, as well as cargo transport which can include outsized lifts anywhere from 100 to 22,000 pounds in a single haul. Heavy external sling-line lifts are our expertise. We handle all the logistics and can do it with better efficiency and flexibility than our competitors in Washington.



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