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Personal Sightseeing Tours vs. Customized Charters

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Tours, Charters, and Surveys

The word "tour" can mean many things to different people. We do offer customized charters for the modern professional to get to and from hotels, airports, weddings, events, etc., in an efficient and comfortable manor. These charters are catered to meet your specific needs for speed, luxury, convenience, and total number of passengers. Regarding these completely customizable passenger charters for pickup & drop off in Washington please visit our executive charters service page HERE.

Other areas we excel in, are helicopters used for filming/photography, Washington land and animal surveys, site inspections, real estate scouting, and other types of aerial surveillance or inspection. If you're looking in the direction of touring a piece of land, real estate opportunity, construction site or aerial inspection please visit our aerial survey page HERE.

We Do Not Offer Pre-Packaged Tours

Although we do not offer sightseeing tour packages in Washington, which are often obtained for things like birthdays, personal sightseeing, or "just for fun"; we do still provide exceptional custom charters. Pre-packaged aerial tours typically have a pre-determined flight plan and are less expensive. Our premium customizable charters have 1-hour minimums which start at $1,200 and can be tailored to your specific needs and desires. These custom charters are more commonly used for efficient transport to and from hotels and airports, aerial surveys, real estate scouting, right of way, pipeline and transmission line inspections, along with any other needs for the modern professional.

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